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AccessCCTV install the very latest in CCTV surveillance technology throughout the United Kingdom, we specialise in the design & installation of CCTV systems. All of our systems use only the very latest technologies resulting in a great picture quality and ease of use.

Our Systems

CCTV camerasAccessCCTV provide a completely independent and objective viewpoint. We are not tied to any single manufacturer's products and select the most suitable and cost effective equipment on a case by case basis.

In all cases we will be strongly guided by the need for adherence to established industry standards including NSI Code of Practice NCP104 and BS 50132-7. We will also provide our customer with recommendations and guidance relating to CCTV in the workplace and how this co-exists with the Data Protection Act.

From basic observation systems to fully integrated packages with remote monitoring, we select and install the package with the flexibility to adapt as your business develops. We have a vast experience in designing, installing and maintaining systems from a single camera to multi-site size schemes, what ever your requirements our experienced surveyors are on hand to guide you through choosing the correct system to meet your needs.

Go Digital

Camera lensOver recent years camera technology has dramatically advanced and outstanding image quality even in very low light conditions can be achieved. As old analogue VCR systems are replaced with state of the art Digital Video Recorders (DVR), we are at hand to design and install new digital systems which meet strict criteria stipulated by industry inspectors. All our DVR are capable of recording at D1 standard providing the very highest standards of recording. Typical installation features include Motion Detection, Alarm Triggered Outputs, Remote Viewing (real-time viewing over the Internet and mobile phones), Remote 'Talk Back' PA systems, Email notifications, multichannel playback, intelligent recording and remote camera control.

We supply and install a wide range of recording equipment and cameras from a number of manufacturers; each of which has been selected for the reliability, qualify and performance. These include Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras (PTZ) 360, Traditional Static Cameras (in heated housings),Dome type cameras, IP based cameras (megapixel), Armored Cameras and covert cameras.

As well as advancements in functionality, the market now offers much more choice relating to the appearance of cameras. Wherever the architectural aesthetics of buildings are important, we can provide the right cameras, which can even be powder coated to match brickwork and finishes.

Key points to consider

Each of our surveyors, as part of compliance to BS8418, will provide a full design document detailing the specification and role of each camera and additional detection equipment such as Passive Infra-Red (PIR) movement sensors.

When thinking about installing a CCTV system some of the key points to consider are:

  • What is the main objective of the system?
  • Do I need dome cameras to provide continued discreet surveillance or static cameras to provide constant surveillance of a particular area?
  • What are the critical areas on site which require protection>
  • Do I need recognition or just general views? This will determine what type of camera and lens combinations are used.
  • Is the current lighting adequate?
  • How much recording capacity do I want?
  • Is it going to be monitored by on site personnel or out sourced to a monitoring station?
  • Is the CCTV system contravening the Data protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice (for Employers)?

If you are in any doubt we are able to provide a detailed site survey to determine the correct positioning of external alarm detection devices, cameras and recorders that best suit your needs. All our site surveys are FREE!


Man stood in front of a wall of monitorsWith the escalating costs associated with manned guarding and the advances in communication, remote monitoring of CCTV systems is proving a cost effective alternative. In today's competitive markets, businesses must seek out cost effective solutions.

AccessCCTV install systems that offer round the clock surveillance of your premises by incorporating a number of cameras and external alarm detectors. When the sensors are activated, a signal and an image from the camera are sent to the central monitoring station.

AccessCCTV will monitor your site 24 hours a day, and operate on a "detection and response" basis using cutting-edge technology to create a perimeter fence of detection around the site, so that any trespasser is immediately detected and seen on the night vision cameras at our monitoring station who alert a local response team and the local police who can be there within minutes.

Operators at the station receive information that will help them to respond quickly and act appropriately to a particular situation. Our skilled and experienced staff monitoring the video footage are able to defuse situations before they escalate to loss, damage or violence. We ensure video and audio recordings are of evidential quality.

Dependent on your requirements, operators can activate audio facilities to warn any potential intruders; patrol the rest of the site using other cameras and escalate procedures dictated by the situation.

We have an approved man-guarding partnership scheme which allows us to provide the facility of a mobile response vehicle and temporary guarding cover in the event on an emergency. This doesn’t have to be a break in or theft but could be a broken window, a water leak or a power cut.

CCTV Equipment

CCTV Equipment