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Barriers and Turnstiles

AccessCCTV offers a full range of turnstiles solutions to regulate and control the flow of people into and out of buildings. We recognise the need for different types of solutions, depending on the level of security and freedom of movement required.

Barriers and Turnstiles

Scene showing turnstile useIn areas where there is a large flow of people, indoor Tripod Turnstiles, Entrance Gates or Speed Gates provide discreet security which allows authorised individuals to pass through quickly and unhindered. Entry can be granted swiftly using a ticket, token or card.

For higher level of security, Full-Height Turnstiles and Security Revolving Doors are more appropriate. Combined with electronic access control – such as a code, swipe card or biometric identification – our full-height entrances provide you with the means to keep unauthorised individuals out.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstile Full-Height Turnstiles are available anywhere where there is a need of a high degree of security without manned monitoring. Our range of Full-Height Turnstiles consist of a series of mechanical perimeter designs with high aesthetics and more suited to internal or semi-external applications.

Full Height Single Turnstile Technical Specification

Full Height Double Turnstile Technical Specification

Sliding Gates

Sliding GateA sliding gate built by AccessCCTV combines development, design and production. It belongs to the most technically advanced gates in the market. AccessCCTV provides steel- aluminium- cantilevered and tracked gates as well as the telescopic and special gates which offer limitless opportunities.

Half Height Tripod Turnstiles

Half height turnstileWe offer a range of tripod turnstiles which provide an effective solution to pedestrian control for industrial, commercial & recreational facilities. Uni- or Bi-directional,Mechanical or electrical control.

Manual Barrier

Manual BarrierThe manual barrier provides a cost effective solution to vehicle control, ideal for parking, road access and traffic management requirements. Available in beam lengths of 3m to 7m, the barrier can be locked in both the open & closed position by means of a padlock. Smooth and easy operation of the barrier is achieved by the use of counterbalance weights.

Automatic Barrier

Automatic BarrierThe automatic barrier is designed for long term reliability, efficient and smooth operation, durability and comes in varied lengths.

Barrier / Turnstile Accessories

Barrier Accessories

  • LED Boom Light
    LED boom lights are designed to last, boasting many more hours than standardlamp types and no need to replace fiddly bulbs
  • Tip Support
    Tip support is built from RHS steel box section. Powder coated to match your barrier. This one is shown with a magnetic lock plate (optional extra)
  • Card Reader Post
  • Remote Control Fobs
  • Stop No Entry Sign